Word Water Day in Baja

World Water Day, observed on March 22 was established to bring attention to the condition of the world’s water supply. The theme for 2014 is water and energy use, however, the biggest issue in my hometown in Baja, Mexico is water pollution, and so that’s what this post deals with. My partner Jim and I moved to Baja California, Mexico, in 1997 where we found bottled water a big deal because many people, immigrants and natives alike, even now feel the water supply is not up to standard. As an example: Once we were playing bridge at someone else’s house when I turned on the faucet for a glass of water. Even though the water is potable, the hostess was alarmed. She was sure I’d come down with a horrible illness. Since she was playing a hand at the time, I drank the tap water—with no bad results. The belief that the city water is polluted goes back to earlier times when it did cause intestinal problems. Yet I can attest to the fact that after visiting the area for about a […]
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