Who Says You Need a Guy on Valentine’s Day?

Who says you need to have a man around to be happy on Valentine’s Day? That’s what best friends are for! Forget sitting at home in your pajamas alone. Grab your best gal pal for a fabulous guy-free Valentine’s Day.

Get dressed for the occasion

Whether the two of you wear Valentine’s Day themed pajamas, you go the anti-Valentine route with anything other than pink, red, and white, or you sport your best Valentine’s Day ensemble, there’s no reason you shouldn’t dress for the occasion.

Make some drinks

Drinks are a must for girls night. cosmos, margaritas, or martinis anyone? Don’t forget the garnishes, such as salt, olives, and cherries.

Whip up some delicious eats

Buffalo chicken meatballs, penne and vodka sauce, and honey garlic chicken are just some of the mouth-watering recipes you and your friend can whip up on Valentine’s Day. You’ll be eating just as well as those in a restaurant, just without the heavy price tag.

 Share bad date stories

We’ve all had at least one – or two – cringe-worthy bad dates, so why not make light of them? While you’re having a drink and diving into some incredible food, talk about the worst dates you’ve ever been on. When you run out of your own, just know there are plenty of other bad date stories out there to talk about.

Rent movies

Chances are you want to stay away from the cheesy rom-coms, however, with so many movie options to choose from, you’ll definitely be set for the night. Don’t forget to bring the snacks!

Just because you’re not spending Valentine’s Day with a guy doesn’t mean you have to resort to sitting alone while chugging a bottle of wine with one hand while you scoop ice cream with the other. Have some fun and embrace one of the most important relationships – the one between best friends.

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