New Year’s Reflections

New Year’s Day is a moment for reflection and hope.  My family lives in South Africa, where the weather is warm, and New Year’s Day means lounging by the pool.  But, this year we are 10,000 miles away, in my home town, in a world covered in snow.  New Year’s Day cannot be spent outside. 

I set out to discover new activities to occupy us, choosing my younger son to help me plan for New Year’s Day.  We drove to the local mall, in the midst of the Christmas fury to find a puzzle, and all the things a family needs to entertain themselves indoors for a day of private reflection amidst family fun.

Battling the crowds, and my son’s amazement at how different life is in the States, we shopped for a puzzle.  Despite the frenzy erupting around us, we took our time.  Oscar wanted a puzzle that everyone would appreciate, and we searched diligently for the best fit.  The puzzle was just the beginning; we also shopped for delicious snacks and some poster board.  He had wanted to purchase expensive, motivational prints, but felt he could recreate them to get us thinking positively about the year ahead. 

To wrap our excursion, Oscar chose a place for us to grab a snack.  It was a pretzel place that reminded him of time we spent in Germany.  As we sat to eat, he commented “we should do this more often.”  He is right.  I’m making it my New Year’s resolution to spend more time with each of my children individually.  And what a better way to be reminded than an afternoon spent reflecting on life since leaving my home town, in the company of my son – who is a shining example of my hopes for the future.

Kathryn Schenk – South Africa

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