Love Your Pet Day!

The year my boyfriend (now husband) gave me a litter box for my birthday, I knew things were getting serious. We were taking our love to a new level by bringing a pet into our relationship and loving him unconditionally. This meant that no matter what life brought our way – new jobs, marriage, a new home, a baby, this little guy was our forever responsibility. The following weekend we went to the local animal shelter together and picked out a kitten. We were already living together in a small one bedroom apartment, but the gift of a pet meant we were becoming a family. Due to policy, we were not allowed to take Ollie home that day. The shelter had to do a number of reference checks to make sure we were going to be good parents. Although it was extremely hard to wait, I liked that the screening process was so thorough and the sweet animals were only given to good homes. I got a call from the shelter on a Friday morning and they said we could pick Ollie up any time that day. I was […]
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