How single BFFs can take on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just as much about friendship as it is about love. Besides, everyone who’s ever had a best friend knows that a special kind of love exists between buddies. When my BFF and I find ourselves single on February 14, there are a few different ways we like to celebrate the holiday:

Tackle Your Bucket List!
Have you guys always talked about skydiving but have never gotten around to it? Today’s a great day to take on some things you’ve always wanted to do. So attend a burlesque class or take that road trip. How about speed dating on a chair lift?

Go out!
It’s a misconception that all restaurants and clubs will be packed with couples today. Getting dolled up and having an evening out with your best friend does a girl good, and there are actually many singles events held on Valentine’s Day in cities across the U.S.

Make fancy cocktails!
Cap off the day by flaunting your mixology skills. If you’re looking for delicious drinks but are concerned about all the extra sugar, be sure to check out these low-calorie Valentine’s Day libations — the “Love Goddess” and the “Single Ladies” cocktails are particularly tasty without being too sweet. To be extra healthy, add an extra slice of fruit garnish in lieu of a sugar rim. If you’re looking for some treats to go along with your cocktails, give these DIY Valentine’s Day cake pops a try.

Do a movie marathon!
Sometimes the best activities are the simplest ones, so as your sipping on those cocktails, pick out some funny flicks that celebrate friendship, like “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” and “Bridesmaids”. And if you really want to go rom-com, keep it light with “He’s Just Not that into You” and “Think Like a Man”.

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