Creating an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for couples

Forget the typical dinner and a movie, this year you and your significant other are going to make cupid proud. Whether your relationship is fairly new or has passed the test of time, you and your loved one won’t forget this Valentine’s Day when you give the following a try:

Doing a ‘selfie’ photoshoot
Document your love and practice your artistic talent with the selfie, or rather, the “couplie”. Grab your camera or phone and take photos with your guy at cool spots around the area that mean something to both of you. Don’t be afraid to snap a few silly ones! Some cities even have cutest couple photo contests this time of year, so pick out your best pics for submission.

Taking a class
Going out to learn some new skills on Valentine’s Day is a great way to break from the norm. Take a cooking class, learn to samba, make some art together— there are a lot of options out there.

Getting an adrenaline rush
Save the cuddling for later and venture out to explore your wild sides. Go to a shooting range or visit an indoor theme park. There are also tons of outdoor date activities, like hiking and sledding.

Cooking a romantic meal
As many couples already know, cooking with your guy is a great way to bond, and it results in a delicious meal! On V-Day, it’s also far more intimate than heading out to a restaurant packed full of other people.

Trading massages
You and your man can show you’ve got each other’s backs by giving one another relaxing massages. So, grab some oil, light some candles, and follow these massage tips to give him the most relaxing rubdown he’s ever had.

Remember, the best Valentine’s Day will include a mix of these activities!

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