The Benefits of Bubble Baths

“You’re willing to have a tiny bathroom just so you can take bubble baths?!”

 When my boyfriend and I renovated our apartment recently that was a question we heard a lot.  It seems like everyone thinks you need to maximize space.  They’ve got a point, but for us, having a bathtub really was worth the sacrifice.

 I could be sensible and say it’s because there are numerous health benefits of warm baths, as articles like this one point out.  But I have to confess that what motivated us was mostly bubble baths.

Bubble baths are more than just a luxurious soak in sudsy water; they can really help your relationship!  For example, sometimes I’ll come in from a long day at work and see that my boyfriend has once again left his dirty socks on the floor, instead of just putting them in the laundry hamper.  With my already frazzled nerves, now would not be a good time to talk to him about this.  Instead, I head for the bathroom and take a nice, soothing bubble bath.  Once I’m out, those socks don’t seem like such a big deal.

And I’m pretty sure my boyfriend can say the same thing when he’s just had to endure a session of me nagging him about not putting his socks in the hamper.  Into the bathtub he goes for a while, then comes out and meekly puts those socks away. 

It’s amazing how something as simple and fragile as fuzzy, scented bubbles can really change your perspective on things.

Of course, bubble baths aren’t just for solitary quests for calm.  When our renovations were finished, we found ourselves with a tub roomy enough for the both of us.  Sometimes, when we have things other than work or dirty laundry on our minds, we both get into the tub together, and have what might be the best kind of bubble bath of all!

Bubble Bath Day is on January 8th.  If you’re also a bathtub owner, why not celebrate by indulging in a sudsy soak? It’s sure to make you feel good

Alysa Salzberg

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