Spend “Together Time” Skydiving

It took mobile technology and the Jathi-invites for two app to get us back to how we once enjoyed another person’s company.

In person. Face-to-face. One-on-one.

The idea for Jathi-invites for two started with the notion that while mobile technology helps us to efficiently connect, it can also be used to help us enjoy each other’s company, in-person one at a time.

In other words, getting us all back to spending “together time.” And that’s what the Jathi-invites for two iPhone app is all about.

“Together time,” whether it’s something simple like a cup of coffee, or exciting like a wilderness hike, or different like an offbeat play, or whatever strikes you as just the right thing to do, is simply sharing an activity with someone who matters to you. Together.

Now you can ask for their time beautifully! The Jathi-invites for two app is designed to help you quickly create customized Jathi-invites that are the perfect way of saying “Spending time with just you is very special to me.”

Yes, a quick tweet, or abbreviated text, or ordinary email are all efficient ways to ask someone out, but your Jathi-invite is much more special because it was created with an activity, sentiment, and picture you hand picked just for them.

Now, who will be the first special person to receive your very first Jathi-invite? Great choice! We bet the moment they receive it that they’ll understand how much you treasure them and the opportunity to spend time with them.

So let’s get started, and soon you’ll be enjoying “together time” with each of the people you care about most.

And that’s the way it should always be.